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Kit and Accessories for Air rifle shooters

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  • Clothing

    Everything a shooter might need or want to wear for Prone and 3 Position 
    Air rifle shooting. Clothing ranges from gloves, base layers and off the peg
    jackets through to customer made jackets and trousers from the top brands.

  • Fore sights

    Sight tunnels, blocks, raisers, elements and filters for most air rifle types. 
    Our available range includes: Gehmann iris, Gehmann foresight elements, 
    Gehmann foresight tunnels, Centra foresight tunnels, Centra foresight iris and elements, 
    Gehmann polarisers and Centra Polarisers as well as foresight spirit levels.

  • Accessories
  • Rearsights

    Rear-sights, raiser blocks, filters, irises and tunnels to fit most air rifle types. We stock rear-sights from Gehmann, Walther and Centra. Other brands such as Anschutz can be ordered on request

  • Rifle stocks

    Smallbore rifle stocks from Walther, MEC and others

  • Shooting Glasses

    Shooting glasses frames from a range of suppliers such as MEC, Knoblock and Varga

  • 3P stands and rests

    Stands and rests for standing air rifle shooting

  • Slings

    Left and right handed slings for prone and 3P rifle shooters. Single point slings for smallbore rifle shooting in leather and plastic with varying degrees of adjust-ability from ESE, Gehmann, Centra and more

  • Mats and Kneeling rolls

    Shooting mats and knee rolls for prone and 3 position air rifle shooters

  • Training Equipment

    Training systems and equipment for Smallbore rifle shooters, including SCATT systems

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Showing 1 - 20 of 184 items
Showing 1 - 20 of 184 items