Everything a shooter might need or want to wear for Prone and 3 Position
Smallbore rifle shooting and Air rifle shooting. Clothing ranges from gloves,
base layers and off the peg jackets through to customer made jackets and
trousers from the top brands.

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  • Boots

    Boots for standing and kneeling rifle shooting along with boot storage and straightening accessories

  • Gloves

    Smallbore shooting gloves, full and half finger gloves from a range of manufacturers.
    Kurt Thune gloves, Gehmann Gloves, Peritum shooting Gloves

  • Jackets - Made to Measure

    Made to measure smallbore shooting jackets from top brands like Gehmann and Kurt Thune

  • Jackets - standard sizes

    Smallbore shooting Jackets from a range of top brands for Prone shooting and 3 position (3P) shooting.
    All jackets are off the peg and come in standard sizes.

  • Trousers - Made to...

    Made to measure trousers for 3 Position rifle shooting from Gehmann and Kurt Thune

  • Trousers - Standard sizes

    Trousers for 3 Position rifle shooting. These trousers provide additional support whilst
    shooting in the standing and kneeling positions.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 46 items
Showing 1 - 20 of 46 items